What is Myoga Therapy?

Myofascial Trigger Point therapy for pain relief +  Yoga therapy for maintaining range of motion and structural health =      myoga therapy

What is myoga therapy?

Myo Is the greek word for muscle.  Fascia means soft tissue.  The translation of yoga means to unite, to make whole.  Therapy = “service to”.  Myoga Trigger Point Therapy aims to identify and correct dysfunctional muscles through the methods of:

 – Range of motion testing

– Assessing Structural Symmetry

– Identifying Perpetuating conditions & underlying causes that can lead to pain & dysfunction

 Once identified, self or assisted compression is applied and yoga therapy is administered by stretching and re-training the muscle to effectively function.  The individual takes an active role in their own healing through learning self-care and attending self-care yoga classes.

 The practice of pain relief and restoring muscular function from myoga therapy is inspired by the following practices:


  • Myofasical Trigger Point Therapy as pioneered in the medical industry my Janet Travell, M.D. and David Simmons, M.D.  Janet Travell held the prestigious position of being the first female Doctor in the White House, serving as physician to John F. Kennedy.  The collaboration between Drs. Travell and Simons produced two medical manuals entitled, “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction:  The Trigger Point Manual” Volumns I and II.
  • Bonnie Prudden, Fitness Hall of Fame Member and founder of myotherapy, used her background in fitness, rock climbing and dance to assist Dr. Hans Kraus in testing thousands of children across America and in Europe.  The results led President Eisenhower to establish what is now known as the President’s council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  Serving as a columnists and advisor of Sports Illustrated in 1957, she went on to author numerous articles, books and self-care manuals including:  “Pain Erasure” and Myotherapy Bonnie Prudden’s Complete Guide to Pain Free Living”.
  • Classical Hatha Yoga, a 5000 year old practice of balancing body, mind and spirit – focusing on physical movement/optimum range of motion, breathwork, diet/lifestyle, and methods to improve focus, concentration and stress reduction through conscious relaxation and body awareness.