Jan Thrasher, C-IAYT

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Jan Thrasher is the owner and founder of One2Yoga / Myoga Therapy which has been in business for 24 years.  She is an IAYT-Certified Yoga Therapist as well as a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist, specializing in structural and pain-related muscular issues.  Jan has studied with some of the finest teachers in Yoga Therapy and Trigger Point Therapy

“We don’t arrive on this earth with a “user’s manual” and very few of us explore the path of human anatomy and Jan 2function – although our bodies are the most important possession that we will have in this lifetime.  Learning about your body and how to respond to pain-related issues by improving structural and foundation issues, as well as making positive lifestyle changes is empowering.     Myoga Therapy is a passion of mine that works through our physical and functional structure, in addition to our mental and spiritual aspects of being – which are not separate from maintaining our health and well being.  You’ll find an emphasis on the breath, diet, lifestyle and sleeping habits as well as the importance of meditation and mindfulness.  The days are long past that we don’t consider every aspect of our essence relative to our health.  For example, stress is non-tangible, you can’t hold it in your hand or see it on an x-ray, yet we know that it has devastating effects on our health.  In fact, stress can kill you!  And these days, so can sitting too much.  Our bodies are incredible machines, created and originally programmed by the highest source in the universe, but they must move in order to function properly.  Movement is the tightening of the bolts, the oiling of the joints, the free movement of muscle and the fine-tuning that keeps our super computer brain in contact with the rest of our body.  For instance, think of your spine as a giant power strip.  All lines of power to every  organ and muscle plug into this power strip, serving as an information highway to the brain.  Something as simple as standing on one leg and thereby making it more weight bearing, sends a message to the brain to “build bone density” in that part of the body.   Muscle holds our skeletal structure.  A muscle has 3 jobs in order to function properly.  It needs to contract (that’s how it creates movement), it needs to lengthen (which provides range of motion) and it needs to be able to relax (a function we’ve seemed to forgotten how to do in this 24/7 multi-tasking society.)  All of these functions are important.   I hope you will find the yoga therapy practices and compression techniques helpful on your path to healing and to sustain wellness and longevity.”