Myoga Therapy Session

Myoga therapy is a drugless, non-invasive method of relieving muscle tightness & tension to relieve pain and increase range of motion and muscle function. During the session, the patient, shoeless and wearing loose and comfortable clothing, will go through a series of range of motion testing, compression, muscle contraction and extension. You will learn about your body’s structural function, muscles which are functioning correctly as well as those that are dysfunctional. Once the dysfunctional muscles are identified, compression will be applied by the therapist or by you who will be instructed by the therapist, subject to your preference. Please note that this is not massage, and your therapist is NOT A MASSAGE THERAPIST. In addition, a structural assessment will be made on your body mechanics which may result in suggestions and/or corrective options relative to foot structure, pelvic alignment and leg length inequality.

Following treatment, you will be instructed on how to administer a “at home” self care protocol which is imperative for you to follow through with in order to accomplish desired results. With Myoga Therapy, the process begins with correcting poor body structure & mechanics, releasing taut muscle bands and then basically retraining your muscles to function properly.

Due to range of motion testing, structural assessment, treatment and self-care instruction, it is suggested that your first appointment is at least 90 minutes, if not 120 minutes. A treatment plan will be developed for you and any subsequent sessions can be scheduled for a lesser duration.

Upon scheduling an appointment, a pre-patient evaluation will be provided for you to complete and return prior to your appointment date.

Fee Structure:

120 minutes = $200
90 minutes = $150
60 minutes = $100

Cash, checks and PayPal accepted.  A 4% fee will be added to any credit/debit card transactions. Currently, most sessions are held at Unity Yoga, 141 Adams Lane, Mt. Juliet, TN  unless scheduled otherwise. 

To schedule an appointment:
Call: 615-498-5992

Please note that any appointments that are cancelled less within 24 hours or less will be charged the full appointment fee.